Happiness is a choice…..

In a world so blue and green, where people are struggling for life, or rather struggling with each other, happiness is nowhere to be found. For each one of us, happiness has its own definition. Happiness is closely related to contentment. If you are not gratified with what you have, you can never reach the happy cloud. Most of them are in pursuit of God, I am still stuck on happiness. I don’t need to be happy for a day or two, I crave for eternal happiness. But I guess searching for god is much easier.

There was an intense dream I saw after I felt asleep thinking about happiness. It was around 2 a.m., when I was wide-awake, lost in the chain of thoughts, thinking about those who are happy with their lives. Soon sleep came over and I continued to think in my dream. I saw myself strolling along the streets where I met a sweet brown eyed  girl who was playing with a toy car, seemed mirthful. She was destitute of money. I went closer and asked her, “What is happiness to you, little girl?” She looked up into my eyes and said, “Getting at least one time meal in a day”.

This was something very easily attained by me as food never made me happy, but for her, it was of sheer importance. I caressed her and moved ahead. Little did I walk, and then I met an old woman who was extremely white ,short haired, and wore glasses. I courteously went beside her and asked, Granny, “What does happiness mean to you?” She gave me a sweet slight smile and then curved her lips inside. After few seconds she said, “Happiness is seeing my children own me and love me like I have been doing all these years.”

I was taken aback, she was disrespected by her own children because she was now an old woman. Does that sound justice? It was very saddening to hear about these verities of life.

Just before waking up, I met another person in my dream, whom I saw sitting by the roadside selling vegetables. I went for him and he asked me whether I wanted to buy something. But I asked him the same question, “Are you happy doing this job”? He instantly said yes, “I am an able person and I earn to make my daughter a successful doctor.” I am doing this for her.For him happiness was not for self, but for his loved ones.

And then sun kissed me and I woke up. These three people I met in my dream altered my way of thinking from that day. I comprehended that happiness is in not what you desire for, but what you already own. Happiness is a choice. It’s you who has to keep yourself sanguine towards life. There are harsh realities to face, but it takes nothing to face them with a smile. One should always believe that god is testing you as you are the chosen one. He wants to see how tolerant you can be when it comes to teething troubles that shower rocks and pebbles. You are being tested by him. There are things that, probably, don’t matter to you, but for others, they may be all that they ever wanted. So carry that smile always and appreciate life. If you ever feel miserable about anything, just reflect back to those people who don’t possess those things and are still content in life. Life is, undeniably a beautiful gift of god.



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